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7 Days to Annapurna Base Camp

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

To reach Annapurna Base Camp, the story began in Pokhara City. Pokhara is the closest city you can reach to Annapurna. Reaching into Pokhara can be done with the bus trip or flight trip. The flight duration to Pokhara is 1.5 hours from Kathmandu, while the bus trip took eight hours. I suggest you take a bus trip, aside from the cheaper ticket cost, the view offered during the trip is amazing. During the bus trip, the bus will stop a quick break three times in an astonishing spot. You can get a bus ticket to Pokhara at travel agents spread in Thamel. The bus will be leaving at 7 am from Thamel.

When you reach in Thamel spend another night to provide your trekking permit to do the ABC summit. The permit can be obtained from the travel operator in Pokhara.

Day 1: Pokhara - Chomrong (2.300 Masl)

From Pokhara, there are two ways to reach the Nayapul village (as the starting point). First, you can take a bus from the Baglung bus terminal or secondly taking a taxi from the Lakeside to Nayapul. If you taking a bus, to reach the Baglung bus terminal you should take a taxi which will be cost around Rs 400 ($4). In Baglung, ask for the bus to Nayapul which stopped in the sideroad since the route number written in Nepali. The bus cost around 2 dollars which takes you on an hour's ride to Nayapul. While if you taking a taxi ride to Nayapul from Lakeside it will cost Rs 4000 ($40) on 1.5 hours ride.

Birethanti Check Post.

Once in Nayapul, you could start to walk or take a jeep ride to Siwai, the end of the road that can be reached by car. The jeep ride cost Rs. 2000 ($20) which you make a bargain of it. If you taking a walk it will spend 3.5 hours walking to the Siwai. I highly recommend you take a jeep ride to save your time and energy. On your way to Siwai, you will pass two security checkpoints. The first checkpoint is to declare your TIMS (permit), ACAP as the second.

Along the way to Annapurna Base Camp, the checkpoint usually marked with a present of the tea house concurrent as the inn. For a night stay ordinarily, the innkeeper asks for Rs 200/night (around $2 which is quite cheap) while the food cost varies between $5 to $10. The typical food offers to me mostly is Dal Bhat consist of rice, curry, onion soup, pickles, and crackers. You could ask for another portion of free!

The trail to Annapurna starts from Siwai. Do not afraid of getting lost considering there are many sharp signs for the traveler. After passing Kyumi and New Bridge you could stop by at Jhinu Danda for lunch. From Jhinu it is only 1.5 hours left through thousands of steep stone-stairs to Chomrong village. Chomrong is the biggest village you went through the way to Annapurna. Accommodate with a total of fifteen guest houses left you to lots of choices where to stay.

Chomrong Village

Day 2: Chomrong to Dovan (2600 Masl)

The plans to Dovan will pass Lower Sinuwa, Upper Sinuwa, and Bamboo. After step down Chomrong 2000 stairs and passing the Chomro river you will locate Lower Sinuwa. The trails to Upper Sinuwa from Lower Sinuwa will be rough, so take your time easily and give the body a chance to adapt from the height. Bamboo is the last post that is accessible for animals (donkeys and yak) to pass. The trail to Dovan from Bamboo will be comfortable, not much cliff to hike and mostly the trail girded by the dense forest.

Day 3: Dovan to Deurali (3200 Masl)

Walking time from Dovan to Deurali is barely 3 hours. Why did I suggest making an end in Deurali even though you could take more steps to speed up your travel time? The AMS (Altitude Mountain Sickness). The AMS potentially starts from 2500 Masl and stroke after 3000 Masl. The symptoms are a headache, nausea, and troublesome to sleep. Giving the body a chance to adapt for one day is a good start before reach Annapurna. Drink more yet you are not thirsty, walk slow steadily and do rest further.

Day 4: Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp (4130 Masl)

From Deurali to ABC you can walk casually, 2 hours non-stop walking. This is the best track with an astonishing panorama along the way. You will pass the MBC as the last post before reach the ABC. The trail to ABC will spend another 2 hours from MBC. There are four guest houses available at ABC equipped with electricity from the solar cell. Wifi is available for Rs 300 however most of the time it is not working.

Annapurna Base Camp

Day 5: ABC to Dovan

Sunrise is the best time to enjoy the scenery of ABC. The sunrise starts from 6 to 8 am. I recommend you to leave the ABC after 10 am, which will give you more time to having breakfast and enjoy the scenery of Himalayas. It spent 6 hours walk from Annapurna to Dovan.

Day 6: Dovan to Jhinu Danda

Cost 6 hours walking, so don't make your check out time too late. There is a hot spring bath in Jhinu, around 20 mins before the guest house. Make your stop at Jhinu Danda if you think you can not make it on time to Siwai. Do not continue to walk when the day starts to dark.

Day 7: Jhinu Danda to Pokhara

Three hours walking to Sinwai from Jhinu you will meet a line of Jeep or taxis which will take you to Pokhara. If you take a taxi, do not hesitate to make a bargain, as it is easier to bargain on your way back to Pokhara compared to the opposite. If you are lucky enough, you only have to issue Rs 2000 for a taxi ride from Siwai to your hotel in Pokhara.

Summary: Day 1 : Siwai (1100 mdpl) to Chomrong (2300 Masl) 6 hrs walking Day 2 : Chomrong to Dovan (2600 Masl) 6 hrs walking Day 3 : Dovan to Deurali (3200 Masl) 4 hrs walking Day 4 : Deurali to ABC (4130 Masl) 5 hrs walking Day 5 : ABC to Dovan (6 hrs walking) Day 6 : Dovan to Jhinu Danda (6 hrs walking) Day 7 : Jhinu Danda to Siwai (3 hrs walking)

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