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Istanbul - The New IST Airport

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The first day in Istanbul after 12 hours long flight from Jakarta via Turkish Airlines. The flight was settled in a New Istanbul Airport which well ya not much information I could get. Seriously, you could get lost in here as its wholly airport with a lack of airport officer.

The notions come to mind in first after claim the baggage for most of the solo traveler is, how the heck I could get to the town? As far as I know the old airport (Ataturk) had maximized its carrier utility from the airport, such as train, tram, and bus. However, at New Istanbul airport, you could only got a bus and taxi option which routing into some well-known areas around Istanbul. Try to avoid using taxi, it'll bleeds you on the fare.

You can easily smoke everywhere outside the terminal building without being afraid of getting fined.

To the bus settle, you need to get lower into Floor - 2. Yeah, it is not a dash, it is a minus sign. I mean, what's in their mind when making a minus 2-floor sign? It could better be LG sign on it. After I reach the shuttle, I walking to a yellow-painted machine to buy Istanbul Card, I can easily spot this machine every 30 feet on -2 floor. This Istanbul Card is essentially needed for any kind of transportation payment (bus, train, tram, funicular) in Istanbul. When making payment of this card, you could buy it via credit card nor cash. Once the card received top-up is required to ensure not to lack credit before entering the bus. The bus itself was lined-up from number 1 to 18. Since I planned to go to the Sultanahmet area, I walked into line 16, searching for the bus IST-1 which was waiting every 30 mins. For those willing to go to Taksim area, search the bus number IST-19.

The bus is comfy which has extra leg room for me. Fully air conditioning and they got a mini screen for an entertainment during the road. The trip to Sultanahmet from New Istanbul Airport cost 45-60 mins depend on the traffic.

New Istanbul Airport

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