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Reaching Mt. Bromo

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

"Reaching the top of a Bromo mountain at the sunrise time is priceless."

Have you ever woke up in the morning and saying to yourself that I should be waking up above the sack of cloud so while having a sunbath during the sunrise. Well, you should head to Mount Bromo. Located in Java Island, Indonesia, Mt. Bromo offers a timeless beauty of the scenery as the active volcano. Mount Bromo is 2,329 meters above sea level, yet it is not the highest mountain in Java.

For you are the first-timer visiting Java, Indonesia I have assemble some of the common questions and answers.

The best time to visit Bromo.

During the summertime in Indonesia is the best time to visit Mt. Bromo. June - September is the best time visiting Mt. Bromo. You can spot the golden sunrise easily as you have the crystal clear sky. However, during the summertime, the temperature can be very intense when the night comes. So make sure you bring thick clothes or jackets as the temperature can be drop near 2 degrees Celcius.

How do I reach Mt. Bromo?

To reach Mt. Bromo you can take a flight to Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia. Next, you could take a domestic flight to Malang, Indonesia. There are several airlines serving the route to Malang from Jakarta such as Garuda Indonesia, Citilink and Batik Air. If you leave from Bali, Garuda Indonesia is the only one airline that serving the route to Malang.

Once you arrived in Malang, find a taxi that will transport you to the Arjosari Bus Station as public transportation is not available at the airport. Not all the taxi in Malang using the meters system, so make a bargain to avoid the scam. Usually, it cost 80,000 Rupiahs (around $8) to go to the bus terminal. Upon your arrival in Arjosari bus station, the rides continue by taking a bus to Banyuangga bus station, Probolinggo which cost around 30,000 Rupiahs (around $3). The rides to Banyuangga will take about 1.5 hours.

Sunrise in Mt.Bromo

If you ever reach Banyuangga bus station, search for a small bus that will take to the Cemoro Lawang. Cemoro Lawang is the base to start hiking on the Mt. Bromo. This mini-bus only depart when it has a full passenger, so you will have to wait. You can use this minute to take a quick lunch while waiting for the rest of the passengers. The trips to Cemoro Lawang take 1.5 hours which cost another 3 dollars.

Whispering Sand, Mt. Bromo

A hike to the top of Bromo, the crater field, starts at 3.30 am. Penanjakan Hills is the most famous spot to enjoy the sunrise at Bromo. Don't be surprise with the crowd during the peak seasons. If you have high-grade stamina and foot you can start a hike by walking to the top. If you not and willing to save time you can rent a jeep in Cemoro Lawang to take a complete tour at Bromo. To take a complete tour by Jeep in Bromo will cost you around 600 hundred Rupiahs (around $60). The trips including Teletubbies Hills (kinda funny hills name, isn't it?) and Whispering Sands visit. When you reached the summit, please be cautious with the your foot step, as its the path at the edge of the crater is only 1 meter wide and the wooden railing is the only one that hold you from being falling into the crater. Know your limit and don't go further if its not worth the risk.

What activities can be do around Bromo?

There are lot of activities can be done at Mt. Bromo. For sure enjoying the view from top is the main checklist to do. However, you also could riding a horse or moto-trail in the sand desert around Mt. Bromo. You can request a booking for a moto-ride at your hostel. The cost usually 200,000 Rupiahs as you left your passport for a guarantee. While if you're hungry, there are lot of mini store called warung during your way up to the crater selling cheap breakfast for around $2! Crazy isn't it?

Where to stay during my visit to Bromo?

When you reach Cemoro Lawang, you will notice there are a lot of rooms available to be rent. Do not expect a fancy room to stay, since no five stars hotel in here. However, many hotels/hostel facilities have been upgraded since my last visit. The room cost varies, but the cheapest one starts from 200K Rupiahs or around $19.

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